Meet Tom

Tom Stoyan has served as coach to sales professionals for more than 25 years. Tom specializes in coaching professionals in acquiring and retaining more clients. How? He has them become better prepared by helping them learn much more quickly from their experience. (Public Disclosure: most of his clients hire him for 10 days or more).

Known as Canada’s Sales Coach, he is author of a number of books and articles including Sell More… 101 Ideas to Increase Sales Now which was endorsed by more sales trainers, associations and sales professionals than any other book of its kind.

A former college professor, he is the founding president of the Ontario Chapter of the National Speakers Association that later became the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) and is a past director of the Association of Independent Consultants.

Tom holds the honor of being the first inductee in the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame (the professional speakers’ highest honor – elected by peers)!

Here’s what some people say about Tom Stoyan:

“In a world where things are happening way too fast… where media all compete vigorously to completely overwhelm your brain every day… Tom Stoyan has said “Enough!”… he gets you to just stop cold and think… and put together your own winning scenario for you to get in, and stay in, the big leagues of selling!” Arnold “Nick” Carter, Vice-President, Nightingale Conant

“Sales ideas alone can take nothing and turn it into something great. Tom is a master salesperson himself… I love his ideas. Use these ideas and achieve your freedom. Mastering sales is the surest way to freedom.” Mark Victor Hansen, Co-founder Chicken Soup for the Soul

“I would sincerely recommend that anyone who wants to make it to the top in selling today, apply Tom Stoyan’s ideas immediately.” Brian Tracy, Brian Tracy International

Here’s Tom sharing his journey:

It all started with me spending a lot of time in school. It began with me spending 2 years in second grade. Then I went from the fifth grade to the seventh grade. And in the eighth grade, I was told by my teacher not to go to high school because I didn’t demonstrate academic interest.

After being laughed at by my guidance counsellor because I wanted to go to university, I said, “What does anything I’ve done up to now have to do with what I’m capable of doing?”

Being an outstanding athlete (running up to 100 miles a week), I was offered 6 full athletic scholarships and chose to go to Syracuse University. There, I became captain of 12 track teams and decided to become a professor. And to do that I was told I needed a master’s degree.

Since I didn’t have the money for graduate school (working 2 jobs and running every week), I discovered if I got straight A’s that year, I could qualify to compete for 1 of 3 full academic scholarships. Mission accomplished. I got a one of those scholarships.

When I graduated, I was hired by the largest state university in the US teaching interpersonal communications. I became a university professor before I turned 25 (youngest professor at the university).

We had the highest suicide rate in our county. I became the lead instructor for the suicide prevention hotline.

I also became one of the first instructors for drinking driver program. For those who became involved in an alcohol related accident, they were given an option when they went before the Justice of the Peace to either take my program or give up their license. (Hence, I would have 20 hostile people in my program because of the wife, the dog, the weather.)

Moving back to Canada, I became involved in working for both GE, Rogers and Bell selling $7,200 cellular phones (when they were the size of bricks).

Each year I qualified for the President’s Club award which earned me trips to places such as Acapulco, Tuscan and Hawaii. Life was good.

My clients started asking me to teach their salespeople about what I was doing to make me so successful. So began my teaching career in the corporate world.

Since then, my business has been all repeat and referral. Thus the reason I teach the unfair advantage of referrals and earned the title in the past 30 years of Canada’s Sales Coach.