Sell More with Sales Coaching:
Practical Solutions for Your Everyday Sales Challenges

Sales leaders can increase their revenues, without major changes to their technology, processes or workforce, by ensuring their salespeople are coached effectively and regularly.

Sell More with Sales Coaching (Wiley Publishing) provides sales leaders and salespeople with assessment, tools and exercises to sell more. With Sell More with Sales Coaching, sales leaders drive higher revenues and performance by:

  • Assessing and determining sales coaching needs
  • Identifying sales mistakes
  • Coaching to prevent sales mistakes
  • Gaining more prospect and client insight
  • Helping salespeople engage in more effective sales behaviors
  • Improving the overall quality of sales conversations

Sell More with Sales Coaching is written primarily for sales managers, team leaders and salespeople.

Among other professionals who find this book helpful are:

  • Sales VPs in large corporations
  • Sales leaders in mid-size companies
  • Small business owners who want to increase sales
  • Salespeople who use the book as their personal sales coach
  • MBA and EMBA students

  Exercises from the Book

  Sales Forensic Evidence Audit