Profitable Sales Conversations… with Brain Science

Profitable Sales Conversations… with Brain Science teaches salespeople how to use neuroscience to sell more, better, sooner and more often in their sales conversations.

This fun and interactive presentation teaches salespeople:

  • How clients actually buy (what really goes on in their brain)
  • Which sales questions to ask (to leverage the neuroscience of buying)
  • What to say so both the client and salesperson have the same areas of their brain activated (this way clients are better engaged)
  • The 2 best ways to influence clients’ buying decisions (based on neuroscience and results)
  • The surprising 4 sentences that cause clients to buy (all founded on research of what increases sales)
  • How to end sales conversations for better results (with 3 practical steps)

Salespeople and sales management gain value insight about how to improve the salespeople’s conversations so they are more client-centric while getting great results.

This presentation is for anyone who sells or supports the staff that sell – salespeople and sales management.

“I had the pleasure of hearing Peri speak at the first Dragon's Den Business School event and was super impressed. During her presentation, she managed to engage my brain so well that I still remember the points she made over 9 months later. She put dynamite in my gas tank and made me a better person when I comes to selling and meeting new people.” William Clarke Co-owner Aurakey Digital Agency

We can customize the presentation for special requirements, such as contact center staff, non-sales professionals including engineers and scientists, IT team members, agricultural experts, and other diverse niche markets.