Sales KeynoteUnleash Prospects’ Brain Power to Sell More 

Unleash Prospects’ Brain Power to Sell More is an interactive keynote that explores sales conversations from the prospect’s brain perspective. 

Sales teams discover what happens in prospects’ brain when they buy and how to leverage it during their sales conversations.  This thought-provoking yet practical session helps salespeople finetune how to start their conversations, what to say about what they sell (hint: it’s no more than 4 sentences) and how to end their conversations for better close ratios. 

Unleash Prospects’ Brain Power to Sell More is based on over 20 years of primary and secondary research wrapped in an easy-to-understand and interactive session that gets sales teams selling better. 

This fun practical session teaches salespeople:

  • How prospects’ brains actually buy (so they know what to do to sell more)
  • Which sales questions to ask (to leverage the neuroscience of buying)
  • What to say so prospects and salespeople are on the same page (to increase engagement)
  • The surprising 4 sentences that cause prospects to buy (so they increase their sales)
  • How to end their sales conversations (for better results) 

Salespeople gain valuable insight about how to improve their sales conversations, so they are more prospect-centric and increase their results.

This insightful yet practical session is designed for engagement, including gamification to create playful competition amongst the salespeople. 

This presentation is for anyone who sells or leads a sales team – salespeople and sales leadership.


What People Say

“I had the pleasure of hearing Peri speak and was super impressed. During her presentation, she managed to engage my brain so well that I still remember the points she made over 9 months later. She put dynamite in my gas tank and made me a better person when it comes to selling.”

William Clarke
Aurakey Digital Agency

“Peri was fabulous!  Her content was thought-provoking, original and real.
She even included a live demonstration and an opportunity for our participants to ask questions during the demonstration.
I recommend Peri to anyone who is interested in providing real value to their participants.”

Don Loney
Chief Learning Officer
Dragons’ Den Business School


Your Keynote Presenter – Peri Shawn

Peri Shawn is the award-winning author of Sell More with Sales Coaching (Wiley).  She has taught and coached leaders for more than 20 years (including RBC, Rogers AT&T, Direct Energy, Bell, GE and more).  You may have read one of her articles with Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., etc.  Peri has delivered over 5,000 presentations and takes a unique brain-based approach to sales that allows salespeople to sell more by leveraging the power of their prospects’ brains.