Sales Coach Training

Sales Coaching with Integrity is a multiple-day comprehensive program designed to help sales managers and executives improve their coaching practice and the results of their teams.

During the Sales Coaching with Integrity program, leaders often:

  • Get feedback from their team regarding their current sales coaching skills
  • Develop their sales coaching skills to the next level
  • Discover how to introduce true sales coaching to the team
  • Set valuable sales coaching goals
  • Learn The Secret Formula for Coaching Questions
  • Practice The Models for Improved Thinking
  • Apply The Models for Improved Performance
  • Determine which of The Models for Improved Coaching Quality to use when
  • Utilize The Models for Providing Information when sharing details with their team members

The Sales Coaching with Integrity program is delivered in 6 phases, 1 to 2 weeks apart. It is designed for up to 12 individuals per group. The program includes:

  1. Interviews with each participant (including 2 diagnostics and a 180 feedback tool)
  2. Sales Coaching workshop #1
  3. Coaching session for each participant
  4. Sales Coaching workshop #2
  5. Coaching session for each participant
  6. Coaching observation followed by a coaching session for each sales leader

Following the completion of the Sales Coaching with Integrity program each participant receives a weekly Sales Coaching Tip delivered electronically via email for 1 year.

The Sales Coaching with Integrity program has the capacity to include both sales and non-sales leaders (for the non-sales leaders the program is called Coaching with Integrity).

Coaching for Better Results is a comprehensive online program for managers to learn how to coach more effectively. Coaching for Better Results modules include: (with training videos, interactive exercises, scenario-based video activities, handouts, coaching tools, “Test Your Knowledge” quizzes, and more)

  1. Coaching Skills
  2. Pre-Positioning Coaching
  3. Coaching Goals
  4. The Secret Formula for Coaching Questions
  5. Models for Improved Thinking
  6. Models for Improved Performance
  7. The Secret Formula Plus
  8. Stages to Building Effective Habits
  9. Models for Improved Coaching Quality
  10. Models for Providing Information
  11. 3 Weekly Feedback Questions
  12. Steps to Giving Effective Feedback
  13. Difficult Conversations
  14. Essential Coaching Insights (8 in total)

Coaching for Better Results is easy to use.  It’s divided into easy-to-digest modules that allow managers to learn at their own pace, review the lessons as needed, and print handouts and job aids to help them coach better.  The exercise examples are based on real world experience to ensure they are relevant for managers.

The Coaching for Better Results program can be combined with live individual or group sales coaching by a member of the CSI team.

Sales Coaching to Drive Results is a 2-day sales coaching program (that can be condensed or edited for shorter timeframes) designed to help sales managers ask better sales coaching questions and prevent their salespeople from committing sales mistakes so they sell more, better, sooner and more often. It’s a perfect companion to Peri’s award-winning book, Sell More with Sales Coaching (Wiley).

The following are the modules in the Sales Coaching to Drive Results program:

  1. The Anatomy of Buying
  2. The 10 Key Principles of Sales Coaching
  3. The Sales Team Audit (identifies sales mistakes)
  4. Coaching Sales Mistake 1: Not Being Clear Who Is Buying
  5. Coaching Sales Mistake 2: Forgetting Why People Buy
  6. Coaching Sales Mistake 3: Being Self-Focused
  7. Coaching Sales Mistake 4: Telling Mistruths
  8. Coaching Sales Mistake 5: Being Ill-Prepared
  9. Coaching Sales Mistake 6: Taking Too Much of Client’s Time
  10. Coaching Sales Mistake 7: Sharing What’s Not Relevant
  11. Coaching Sales Mistake 8: Missing Prospects’ Buying Cues
  12. Coaching Sales Mistake 9: Acting Like a Traditional Salesperson
  13. Coaching Sales Mistake 10: Treating Clients as Enemies
  14. Your Sales Coaching Plan

Before delivering any program, we use diagnostics to better understand your team’s needs so we can tailor the program to your group.

Also, if you have new members join your team after we do the training for your team, we offer courses online and/or with live virtual delivery. Your new team members can join one of the online and/or live virtual courses on a schedule that best suits them.

All materials are designed for in-person, virtual and/or licensed delivery. The choice is yours!

Sales Coaching for Managers and Executives

If you are a sales manager or executive, you may wish to add sales coaching for you and/or some of the leadership team. With this in mind, we will work with you to provide you with valuable sales coaching sessions.