Profitable Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching is the one activity that a sales manager can engage in that will have the biggest impact on improving sales. Profitable Sales Coaching is an interactive presentation for sales managers and executives.

The presentation is interactive and engages the sales managers and executives in real sales coaching situations that challenge them to think thru what to do to help their “team member” do better with clients.

Profitable Sales Coaching is customized to the needs of the group and often includes:

  • The 3 brain-based sales insights to helping the team sell more
  • When to use sales coaching vs sales training
  • How sales coaching and sales meetings dovetail into one another
  • The one activity sales managers and executives can engage in to cause salespeople to treat prospects and clients better
  • The 4 essential sales coaching skills
  • The 3 sales coaching conversation goals for improving the team’s results
  • The 3 sales coaching pitfalls to avoid
  • The ideal sales coaching agenda to discover what is really happening for the team
  • The 5 steps to providing effective sales coaching feedback

The participants gain valuable insight to help them coach their sales teams to do even better.

Profitable Sales Coaching is for anyone who leads a sales team – team leads, sales managers, directors and executives.

“It was a great session!  One of my biggest takeaways was that our managers now grasp the skill of asking questions and knowing how to use the open-ended ones to get their teams to pause, think and reflect on what happened.” David Wachtel Sales and Marketing Training AgReliant Genetics